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VelixsNime - Streaming CMS With Framework Codeigniter 3

AnimeStream is the source code for an anime streaming website
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VelixNime is the source code for an anime streaming website.
This source code uses the PHP programming language and uses CodeIgniter3.
This source code is lightweight and can be uploaded on hosting.
Why light? because this website does not store video files on hosting,
but using an embed code or a third party, so it won't burden our hosting.


  •     Upload Anime (Series, Movie)
  •     Custom Type (TV, OVA, ONA, etc.)
  •     Equipped with Genre Features
  •     Multy Admin
  •     Videos using third parties (scrape)
  •     And many more

Create a database first, then import the database
Adjust database connection settings in app/application/config/database.php 13.5 MB

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CEO & Founder RazPiblog Soft

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